Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2022

AutoCAD LT® is computer-aided design (CAD) software that architects, engineers, construction professionals and designers rely on to produce 2D drawings and documentation.

  • Design, draft and document with 2D geometry
  • Access a comprehensive set of editing, design and annotation tools
  • Work faster in an intuitive user interface

Work anywhere with the included AutoCAD web app
  • Design and draft in the web browser on any computer
  • View, edit, annotate and create CAD drawings in a simplified user interface
  • Sign in and get to work – no software installation required

Use AutoCAD LT on-the-go with the included AutoCAD mobile app
  • Take the power of AutoCAD with you wherever you go – even offline
  • View, edit, annotate and create CAD drawings in real time
  • Work on any mobile device, including smartphone or tablet

Create precise 2D drawings with powerful drafting tools
  • Design, draft and document with 2D geometry
  • Access a comprehensive set of editing, design and annotation tools
  • Work faster in an intuitive user interface

What's New

Start Tab

The new AutoCAD Start tab lets you easily access files and other helpful content directly from the home screen.

Ribbon Tabs and Panels

Access your favourite tools easily when you need them with the AutoCAD ribbon.

Tool Palettes

Easily access your most frequently used content and tools with customisable tool palettes.


Create a single or multi-line text (mtext) as a single text object. Format the text, columns and boundaries.

Smart Dimensioning

Create dimensions automatically. Pass the cursor over selected objects to get a preview before you create it.


Create leaders with a variety of content, including text or blocks. Easily format leader lines and define styles.

PDF and DGN import/export/underlay

Share and reuse data from PDF and DGN files by importing, exporting or attaching them as underlays.

DGN Files and Image References

Attach drawings and images to your current drawing as externally referenced files.

Geographic Location and Online maps

Insert geographic location information into a drawing and display a map in the drawing from an online map service.

Recent Enhancements


Automate counting blocks or geometry with the COUNT command.

Floating windows

Pull away drawing windows to display side by side or on multiple monitors, in the same instance of AutoCAD.

Quick measure

Display all nearby measurements in a drawing simply by hovering your mouse.

Push to Autodesk Docs

Push your CAD drawing sheets as PDFs to Autodesk Docs from AutoCAD.


Send a controlled copy of your drawing to teammates and colleagues to access anywhere


Safely review and add feedback directly to a DWG file without altering the existing drawing. ​

Drawing history

Compare past and present versions of a drawing and see the evolution of your work.

Xref compare

See the changes made to your current drawing from changed external references (Xrefs).

Blocks palette

View and access your blocks content from AutoCAD LT on desktop or within the AutoCAD web app.

Performance enhancements

Experience faster save and install times. Leverage multicore processors for smoother orbit, pan and zoom operations.

AutoCAD on any device

View, edit and create drawings in AutoCAD on virtually any device – desktop, web or mobile.

Cloud storage connectivity

Access any DWG file in AutoCAD LT with Autodesk’s cloud, as well as with leading cloud storage providers.


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