WinZip Courier 10

The leading email solution for sending large files with simple zipping and unzipping technology.

  • Break through email size limits
  • Easily zip and encrypt attachments for safe delivery
  • Share seamlessly from your email using leading cloud services
  • Convert to PDF, add watermarks and resize images
Share large files
Email large files with confidence. Courier integrates with your email, including Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail,, Office 365 and Zoho, to automatically zip large attachments so you can stop worrying about email size limits, delivery failure and bounce backs.

Protect your privacy
Secure confidential attachments with passwords and powerful AES encryption. Courier also provides FIPS 140 support when used with WinZip Enterprise. Temp file wiping/shredding ensures the security of attachments shared over email.

Convert and share
Easily convert Microsoft Office files to PDF. Add watermarks to images, and resize images for easy and secure sharing. Convert as your attachments are zipped, or apply to a single unzipped attachment for instant sharing.

Share via cloud services
For files that are still too large to email after they have been zipped, Courier automatically uploads the Zip file to ZipShare or any of your connected cloud services and adds a link to the file into your email. Recipients simply click on the link to retrieve the file.


Encrypt email messages

Secure entire Outlook email messages, in addition to attachments, with WinZip Courier. Pick and choose who can see your message and attachments for ultimate security.

Merge multiple PDF files into one

Combine multiple PDF files into a single PDF for easy sharing. Zip your new PDF with WinZip Courier to save space and transfer time.

Office 2019 support

Courier plugins now support Office 2019. Zip and save documents from Microsoft Office 2019 to the cloud. Encrypt for added security and share with confidence.

Improved Zipx compression

Experience faster file compression and decompression with ZSTD. Simply put, you get smaller and faster Zipx compression for many file types.

Includes Most Recently Used List

Most Recently Used List places your zips a click away, making it a breeze to add attachments or links to emails.

Schedule for Deletion

Scheduled Deletion allows you to keep control of your Zip files with the option to automatically delete your zip after a specified amount of time. Set it and forget it – WinZip takes care of the rest.

Use Email subject as Zip file name

Keep your email workflows efficient by automatically naming your Zip file attachments the same subject of your email. Automatically import the subject of your email and keep moving.

Cloud service specification

Quickly identify which cloud service was used in a Zip by automatically populating the service details into the Courier inserted link information.

Change nickname for a cloud service

Do you work with multiple accounts from a single cloud service? You can now apply nicknames to each to keep them straight.

Zip, don’t zip or Encrypt Option

Deciding how you want to create files is easier than ever. Just use the prompted zipping dialog to select whether to zip, don’t zip, or Encrypt.

Email large MP3 files quickly and easily

With 15-20% greater MP3 file compression, you can send MP3 attachments in a smaller format and in less time – and all through the email platform of your choice.

Decide when to zip and when to skip!

Now you can specify conditions when attachments should zip automatically or choose real-time zip prompts.

Reduce the possibility of overwriting files

Append the send date to the default zip file name in a flash. Quickly and easily identify newer attachments and eliminate human error from the equation!

Enjoy on-the-fly account choice

Never again logout of one cloud account to use another. You’ll increase productivity and reduce your downtime – in no time.

Share from Microsoft Office without skipping a beat

Zip and save documents, spreadsheets and presentations directly from Microsoft Office to the cloud. Encrypt for added security and share with confidence.

Tap into the power of WinZip

Automatically zip outgoing email attachments using WinZip's industry-leading file compression technology.

Integrates with free ZipShare

Courier 10 connects directly to ZipShare, the WinZip file sharing service, automatically uploading your zipped file and adding a link to your outgoing email message.

Take advantage of the Cloud

Are your files still too big to email? Courier will automatically upload them to one of your connected cloud services and place a download link in your email message.

Safeguard private information

Courier offers built-in 128- or 256-bit AES encryption and password protection to make it easy for you to secure your files. Use Courier's manual or automatic options to control the encryption process. Courier also wipes/shreds temporary files to ensure the security of attachments shared over email.

Easily convert files for better sharing

Convert files to PDF directly from Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. For extra protection, you can create a read-only PDF to deter copying. Courier also lets you add watermarks to your images to protect your work. For photos, resize high-resolution images to more convenient sharing sizes.

Browse attachments

Get a look at the contents of incoming zipped attachments without having to extract files. In the Microsoft Outlook preview pane, simply click on the Zip file's icon to expand a list of its contents. You can also open/edit individual files directly from this list.

Apply conversions without zipping

Apply watermarks, resize images and convert to PDF even if you choose not to zip your attachment.

Easily add shared links

Insert shared links in Microsoft Outlook plain text messages and in the (Hotmail) "Edit in HTML" feature.

System Requirement

WinZip Courier requires Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Courier integrates seamlessly with any of the following email and web mail applications:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 (32-bit or 64-bit versions)
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Gmail
  • Zoho
  • Office 365

Courier works with the webmail listed above when used with the following browsers (32-bit or 64-bit versions):

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Google Chrome v60 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox v57 or later
  • Microsoft Edge v80 or later

Cloud Services require Internet Access

  • ZipShare
  • Box
  • CloudMe
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • MediaFire
  • OneDrive
  • SugarSync

These requirements only apply to the computer system where WinZip Courier is installed. Recipients of your email messages do not need Courier and can use any email program to read your email. To open and extract attached Zip files, your recipient may need file compression software such as WinZip Standard or WinZip Pro.

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